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POS Tagging (Part-Of-Speech Tagging)

What is Part of Speech? The Part of Speech of a word is, in simple terms, its grammatical category. It is a purely syntactic notion in Linguistics. Note that there is a whole body of literature and debate in the grammatical tradition in linguistics on the right way in which parts of speech should...


Linguistics and Computational Linguistics

Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing are everywhere around these days. Although, the name sounds like you need knowledge of computer science and linguistics to get into it, most of the people working in this area are computer programmers or engineers.. A lot of students from pure Linguistics background want to enter this field, but...


Semantics of Noun Compounds

Where is the meaning in Noun Compounds? In case of binary noun compounds, the core meaning of the compound is obtained from one word known as head word and is modified by another word called modifier. In English, the head of the compound is located on the right. For e.g. School kid is a...


Language and Identity

Language is closely related to identity, especially in a place like India, which is a multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic area. While it sounds good to say things like there is unity in diversity etc., in reality, the picture is quite complicated. Language and religion have been the two major symbols of group identity in India, and,...


Syntax Acquisition: Innate Vs. input-driven Accounts

To look into the claims of what and how much is innate and is input driven, language researchers have, time and again, posited some basic questions. In this article, we will discuss some of them. Why do not children generate overly general grammars along with structural independent mistakes? Focusing on the nature of linguistic...


Early Syntax Acquisition

Syntax acquisition is the area of child language acquisition that has started to garner profound interest, more so in the last two to three decades. Linguists and other researchers interested in child language acquisition from the perspective of syntax and, even otherwise, are separated by their theoretical perspectives as well as their understanding of child language data.


Priming in Psychology and Psycholinguistics

In this blog post, we will introduce the concept of Priming in Psychology and Psycholinguistics. We will also learn a few important other things related to it. Let us go by them one by one. What are Priming Effects? In the later parts of the twentieth century, psychologists discovered that exposure to a particular...