Stylistics in Linguistics

Payal Khullar

Payal Khullar is a Linguist, who loves reading and writing, amongst other things. Graduate Honors in Botany and Masters in Linguistics, she is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. Computational Linguistics Program at IIIT Hyderabad.

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  1. Gideon says:

    Great topic, Could you help me in differentiating Style and stylistic?

  2. Stylistics is the branch of linguistics that studies “style”. Here, “style” refers to language choices (different vocabulary, literary devices, syntactic patterns, intonation, pitch, etc.) made by language users. Every writer has, for instance, a different “style” of writing. You can extend the concept of linguistic style to normal speech and writing also, though it is usually associated with literary style.

  3. Mustapha Mourchid says:

    Stylistics is indeed one of the major fields of study in which one can apply their linguistic knowledge on a text, be it a literary text, or a non-literary text. Stylistics DOES provide us with the tools of analysis that we can use to go about analysing texts stylistically.

  4. Njoroge says:

    Please help distinguish between literary stylistics and linguistic stylistics.
    Thank you.

    • The study of the style of a literary text, or the linguistic choices of authors, poets, etc. is called Literary Stylistics. But Stylistics can also be the study of “non-literary” text or speech (a newspaper article, student essay, science report, journal publication, political speech, etc.). Literary stylistics is a sub-branch of Stylistics.

  5. Kassy Bako says:

    You did a great work! I will be writing a project on stylistic analysis of the language of sports commentary. I wonder if you could help with some tips on how to analyze the language of sports commentary. Thank you.

    • You can begin with a purely structural analysis. First recognise the story grammar of the commentary. Is there a way it begins? What kind of words are used after a good performance by a player/team? (goal, run, etc.), or after a miss or even during the build up phase, does the words change with change of expectation from one player/team to another? I am sure you will find interesting patterns.

  6. blessing says:

    i will be glad if you help explain foregrounding and deviation in stylistics.

  7. Othman says:

    Hi, you have done a good job, congratulation. In fact I would like to ask you about an interpretation about “Interpretive stylistics” with some examples. Thanks in advance.

  8. Satyasundar Pradhan says:

    Could you please explain the scope of linguistics in literary criticism

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