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Linguistics Meaning

In this blog post, I will give you a comprehensive introduction to Linguistics. I will try to cover everything from what comes under the field of linguistics to what does not. By simple definition, Linguistics is the scientific study of Language. But what does that really mean? We will understand this in detail in this blog post.


Language and Identity

Language is closely related to identity, especially in a place like India, which is a multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic area. While it sounds good to say things like there is unity in diversity etc., in reality, the picture is quite complicated. Language and religion have been the two major symbols of group identity in India, and,...


Portmanteau Morpheme Linguistics

Portmanteau morpheme is the same form of a morpheme that performs more than one grammatical function in a language. In another words, there is a single morphological form that has two or more different functions or roles in a language. Portmanteau Morphs are very common in inflectional languages, and are totally absent in isolating languages.


Langue and Parole

The concept of Langue and Parole in Linguistics was introduced by the Swiss Structural Linguist Ferdinand de Saussure in his seminal book Cours de Linguistique Générale (Course in General Linguistics), which was published posthumously in 1916 by Saussure’s students in the form of class notes. Langue and Parole are actually French words. In English,...


Free and Bound Morphemes

Morphemes in linguistics can be classified as bound and free. As the name suggests, a Free Morpheme is a morpheme that can exist independently or stand on its own in a language. On the other hand, a Bound Morpheme can not occur independently in the language. It needs to be bound or attached to some other bound or...


Empty Morphemes in Linguistics

Empty Morphemes have phonological shape or physical structure but do not contain any semantic content. In simple words, they have a form but no function. Empty morphemes are a special case of morphemes in linguistics. Let us look at some typical example cases of empty morpheme in English language: o in speedometer u in factual...


Null Morpheme or Zero Morpheme

What is a Null Morpheme in Linguistics? Null morphemes are a special case of morphemes in linguistics that have some meaning or semantic content, but do not have a phonological shape or, in simple words, they cannot be pronounced by the language speakers. Being phonologically null, they just perform a morpheme’s function of rendering semantic...