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Spanish Learners of English

In this blog post, we will look at major differences between English and Spanish languages. We will also look at some common errors by Spanish learners of English. In other words, problems faced by native Spanish speakers, who are trying to learn English as their Second Language.


Code Mixing in Sociolinguistics

One of the most commonly observed forms of language change is code mixing in conversational speech. Code mixing in sociolinguistics can be defined as simply mixing of two or more codes. It is more common in speech. There can be mixing of two or more varieties of the same language or of different languages altogether. Out of the codes that are mixed, the one whose structure or syntax is followed is generally called the matrix language and the other languages can contribute at the least some vocabulary items. However, this might not always be true.


Pronunciation Problems for Arabic Speakers of English

In this blog post, we will talk about pronunciation challenges of native Arabic speakers who are learning English as their second language (L2). Like any other SL learner, Arabic speakers of English try to apply rules of their first language (L1) in which they already have competence in while speaking and comprehending L2.


Semantics of Noun Compounds

Where is the meaning in Noun Compounds? In case of binary noun compounds, the core meaning of the compound is obtained from one word known as head word and is modified by another word called modifier. In English, the head of the compound is located on the right. For e.g. School kid is a...