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Ellipsis in Linguistics

Ellipsis is an extensively studied phenomenon in Linguistics. You will find a lot of definitions of Ellipsis in Linguistics on the internet. In this blog post, I will explain this phenomenon in a very simple way. Let’s begin with the definition first. Simply defined, Ellipsis is deletion (or elision) of a linguistic entity from...


Spanish Learners of English

In this blog post, we will look at major differences between English and Spanish languages. We will also look at some common errors by Spanish learners of English. In other words, problems faced by native Spanish speakers, who are trying to learn English as their Second Language.


POS Tagging (Part-Of-Speech Tagging)

What is Part of Speech? The Part of Speech of a word is, in simple terms, its grammatical category. It is a purely syntactic notion in Linguistics. Note that there is a whole body of literature and debate in the grammatical tradition in linguistics on the right way in which parts of speech should...


Syntax Acquisition: Innate Vs. input-driven Accounts

To look into the claims of what and how much is innate and is input driven, language researchers have, time and again, posited some basic questions. In this article, we will discuss some of them. Why do not children generate overly general grammars along with structural independent mistakes? Focusing on the nature of linguistic...


Early Syntax Acquisition

Syntax acquisition is the area of child language acquisition that has started to garner profound interest, more so in the last two to three decades. Linguists and other researchers interested in child language acquisition from the perspective of syntax and, even otherwise, are separated by their theoretical perspectives as well as their understanding of child language data.


Verb Phrase Ellipsis or VPE

Verb Phrase Ellipses, VP Ellipses, or VPE is a phenomenon observed in many languages whereby the main predicate of a sentence can be elided or missed without making any compromise in the intended meaning, or in generating grammatical unacceptability. Ellipsis becomes possible because the elided construction finds its antecedent in the surrounding (logically, preceding)...


Constituency Tests in Syntax (Linguistics)

In this post, I will list and explain all the 9 main constituency tests in syntax that can be used to correctly prove constituency of words in a given sentence. The first and most important constituency test is Fronting or Topicalisation. It is also a very reliable test. Let us understand it with an example.