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Languages in Contact: An Ethnographic Study of Interaction in an Immersion School

Language is closely related to identity of the speakers and the community. Language contact and bilingualism are, thus, very interesting topics in sociolinguistics. In this blog post, I will summarise and briefly discuss the paper Languages in Contact: An Ethnographic Study of Interaction in an Immersion School by Ailie Cleghorn from McGill University and Fred Genesee...


Code Mixing in Sociolinguistics

One of the most commonly observed forms of language change is code mixing in conversational speech. Code mixing in sociolinguistics can be defined as simply mixing of two or more codes. It is more common in speech. There can be mixing of two or more varieties of the same language or of different languages altogether. Out of the codes that are mixed, the one whose structure or syntax is followed is generally called the matrix language and the other languages can contribute at the least some vocabulary items. However, this might not always be true.


Difference between Language and Dialect in Sociolinguistics

To understand the difference between Standard Language and Dialect in sociolinguistics, we will have to understand the concept of language variation and change first. Language Variation Language is not a static phenomenon. Language as a whole and even its subparts (vocabulary, morphology, syntax, etc.) keep changing with time. There are many reasons behind language...