Category: Computational Linguistics


Web Scraping with Python

What is Web Scraping? Web Scraping simply means ‘scraping websites’ to extract large amounts of data from them. After that, the extracted data can be saved on a file in your computer. Generally, NLP and Machine learning techniques require processing and analysis of huge amounts of data, and one of the ways to get...


POS Tagging (Part-Of-Speech Tagging)

What is Part of Speech? The Part of Speech of a word is, in simple terms, its grammatical category. It is a purely syntactic notion in Linguistics. Note that there is a whole body of literature and debate in the grammatical tradition in linguistics on the right way in which parts of speech should...


Linguistics and Computational Linguistics

Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing are everywhere around these days. Although, the name sounds like you need knowledge of computer science and linguistics to get into it, most of the people working in this area are computer programmers or engineers.. A lot of students from pureĀ Linguistics background want to enter this field, but...